12.10.2018 SIAMS J - Entreprises de services

The SIAMS Microtechnology Information Portal

Exclusively for our SIAMS customers: the possibility to distribute any number of messages via the Microtechnology Information Portal.

Well, it’s really quite simple!  
As soon as the connection to the website is established, you can publish your news with a few clicks and the Copy / Paste function. The respective Operating Instructions are available for download (French/German).

Strengthen your presence in the social networks that are best for microtechnology! 
To date, 200 companies have already published almost 2,500 news!   

This service is completely free for exhibitors!

Would you like to communicate via an Ad?
(top right)
Starting today, you can choose a logo (like Applitec, Clip Industrie or #bepog) or an advert (like Tornos). Contact Laurence.roy@faji.ch


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