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The SIAMS Club - a plus for exhibitors

How can exhibitors benefit from the friendly and convivial but also highly professional and efficient  atmosphere at SIAMS apart from a single week every two years?
And how can SIAMS provide valuable services throughout the entire year?

First of all, we set up a system to publish news at www.siams.ch/news (instructions [in French]). Success was quick to come – but we wanted to do even more.

But how to offer even more?
By setting up a club based on: are you exhibiting at SIAMS? If so, you already are a club member.
FAJI does not only see itself as a fair organizer, but rather as a partner that offers a targeted platform for presentation and exchange to enterprises active along the entire chain of microtechnology production and clients able to make use of what they offer. It is in this context and in co-operation with about twenty manufacturers, all of them members of the Exhibitors’ Committee, that we decided to set up the Exhibitors’ Club.

The first event – a full success
Given that Industry 4.0 has become quite fashionable and that many companies among the SIAMS exhibitors are already more or less active in this field, we wanted to present the respective facts on the occasion of the first club event. A trip to Alsace offered the participants an opportunity to discover two companies at the forefront of this concept based on the digitization of production.

Documents relating to the first trip of the club 
Press clippings related to the first activity

We shall not fail to directly inform the exhibitors about any developments concerning the SIAMS Exhibitors’ Club.