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Glattalstrasse 516
8153 Rümlang
T 0448179200

Halle 1.2 | C7

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Un partenariat différent en matière d’outillage
BIG KAISER, une gamme de produits de première qualité qui offrent un rendement imbattable et mesurable. Des produits conçus selon les plus hauts standards et dont les matériaux et la fabrication permettent un rendement inégalable.

Main activity
D. Tools-Accessories-Mechanics

  • D. Tools-Accessories-Mechanics
    • 4101. Machining tools
    • 4105. Tools, other
    • 4201. Tool holding fixtures
    • 4202. Workpiece holders
    • 4403. Accessories and machine parts

A Different Kind of Tooling Partner. Our mission is to find the best of the best and deliver it to our customers with a personal commitment to helping them install truly efficient solutions. We have exceptionally high standards for the products we represent. The result is an all-star line-up of products that deliver true and measurable performance advantages. Products that are engineered to exacting standards and then manufactured with materials and craftsmanship that enable superior performance.

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15 News
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