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TR Electronic SA

14, Ch. Pré-Fleuri 14
1228 Plan-les-Ouates
T +41 22 794 21 50

Activité principale
B. Equipements

  • B. Equipements
    • 2202. Appareils de mesure électroniques
    • 2203. Appareils de contrôle
    • 2208. Equipement de mesure et de contrôle, autres
  • C. Automatisation
    • 3101. Commandes électroniques et numériques
    • 3103. Commandes programmables
    • 3105. Commandes, autres
    • 3301. Matériel (hardware)
  • D. Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique
    • 4403. Accessoires et éléments de machines

“Internet of Objects and Industry 4.0” solutions presented at SIAMS 2018.
TR-Electronic absolute positioning sensors provide the information highway to the executing component.
We provide: measurement and control systems for automation technology. When industrial processes run smoothly and reliably, there are chances that this is partly due to measurement and control solutions from TR-Electronic. For all applications TR-Electronic supplies the right rotary encoders, linear encoders and drives – as high-quality standard products or customized solutions.