List of Exhibitors : SIAMS 2020

Simplify your visit

Dear visitors

For the first time this year, you can simplify your visit to SIAMS by using our planning system.
Simply tick the companies you wish to visit in the “reservation” column. ()
The contacts are thereupon placed in your “shopping cart”. Once your list is finalized, you can download it as PDF or even add the data to your calendar.
This list will contain the master data of the companies as well as the hall and stand numbers. as well as the hall and stand numbers.

Enjoy your visit!

    Exhibitor ZIP/City Stand Halle  
    #bepog 2740 Moutier Info 1.1
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    APFC 2830 Courrendlin Roll-up 2.2
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    CENTRE D'APPRENTISSAGE DE L'ARC JURASSIEN 2740/2300 Moutier/La Chaux-de-Fonds A1 1.2
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    CIP-CTDT 2720 Tramelan A1 1.2
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    Fondation Centre ASI 2502 Bienne A25 1.1
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    Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie 2000 Neuchâtel C25 1.2
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