18.04.2019 R├ędaTech SA J - Entreprises de services

Technical writer

This position provides the opportunity to:

  • Manage technical documentation projects for our clients;
  • Directly liaise with operatives for information gathering;
  • Apply current standards depending on the sector of activity;
  • Carry out structural development, alongside document writing;
  • Manage subcontracting within our departments.

What you need:

  • HES [applied sciences] degree, or equivalent, in engineering;
  • Good oral and written command of French and English;
  • Good knowledge of IT tools, including the MS Office suite;
  • Driving licence (essential).


  • German mother tongue;
  • Experience in After-Sales, training for adults and/or technical documentation;
  • Knowledge in the field of teaching and communication techniques;
  • Knowledge of DTP software.
R├ędaTech SA is a technical communication agency, specialised in document management, and writing all kinds of documents accompanying industrial or mass consumption products.


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