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Insider - November 2015 - ShapeSmart®NP3

The ShapeSmart®NP3 is a precision cylindrical grinding machine with 3 or 4 CNC axes depending on its configuration and is fitted with an iPendant type Fanuc numerical control.

In its basic version, this model is configured for manual load and with a single grinding station for peel grinding operations. The ShapeSmart®NP3 is ideal for grinding milling cutter blanks as well as any other kind of drilling and step tools. For the production of larger batches, the machine can be equipped with a fast and reliable autoloader. In addition a second wheel station is available with the renowned method of pinch/peel grinding for applications requiring superior surface finish quality.

The peel grinding technology is a proven method and guarantees unmatched performance in cylindrical grinding. With a wide grinding diameter capacity of 0.025 to 25.0 mm (.001"– 1"), the ShapeSmart®NP3 offers unlimited possibilities with cutting lengths that can reach up to 350mm.

6 Reasons to purchase a ShapeSmart®NP3 ?

  • To free time and increase the productivity of your grinders
  • To produce blanks in a concentricity tolerance of less than 0.002mm
  • To increase the quality of your production
  • To simplify the working processes
  • To be able to grind blanks 350mm long
  • To be able to grind unattended within tolerance on diameters of less than 0.003mm

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