20.06.2018 SARIX SA A - Machines

3D Micro EDM Milling process Technology

SX-3D µEDM Milling CAM device

  • The best 3D Micro EDM Milling on SX-100 and SX-200 Machines series 
  • The perfect high precision 3D structure machining process for complex positive or negative forms 
  • Combining the continuous automatic wear compensation spindle and a “built in” Micro Wire-EDM electrode grinding device it opens up new perspectives on the 3D micro machining 
  • The Micro-EDMing process “Multi-Axis-Multi-Step” reach machining features down to 10 microns with Ra up to 0.05 microns 
Taking advantage of its large experience in Micro Drilling, SARIX has developed in 2005 the true Micro Milling solution, introducing its enhanced Electrode Wear Compensation concept and integrating its SX-3D µEDM Milling software.

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