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04.07.2024 Applitec Moutier SA D - Tools-Accessories-Mechanics

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry 349!

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry 349!

Designed and created for you with the following benefits:

1. Anti-vibration:

witness on the cut to reduce vibrations.

2. Excellent K10 grade:

Our micro-grain grade, adapted with the latest coating innovations, is highly wear-resistant in this geometry.

3. Radius 0mm:

Geometry offered with a sharp angle but also with radius.

4. Wiper effect & JET:

The shape of the geometry for a better surface finish. Can also be paired with a tool holder with integrated coolant.

5. Very rigid clamping system:

With three contact faces, for better performance.

Learn more about this family on our website:

You can also find our 349 geometry on our Applitec shop:

Take a TechTalk with us !

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Your Applitec Team

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry 349!


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