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07.03.2016 ESCO S.A. A - Machines

A NEW escomatic machine is born!

Unveiled on the 5th of October 2015 at the EMO in Milan, a new machine comes to complete the renewal of the escomatic products. Named « escomatic NM6 Flexi », this machine to be seen at SIAMS takes its place in the center of the Esco SA range between the DX CNC (escomatic D2 / D5 CNC, D5 Ultra, D5 TWIN) and the EC ( escomatic EC 8). It will succeed the New Mach 64x range which has held a successful position for many years.

More than an evolution of the New Mach 64x
Two rules have availed for the development :

  • take the best elements of the previous New Mach 64x range to ensure its best starting quality
  • integrate the latest Esco development skills with the latest available technologies to make it more flexible, faster and cheaper.

Major innovation ?
Two completely independent secondary slides, which allows work on secondary operations from the front and back in a much more efficient way than on the current range.

Other innovations

  • management by ball screw drive and programming from the console for an optimized straightening
  • integration of measure scales on the secondary slides which will guarantee the precision of positioning
  • easy access for the operator granted by the complete opening of the frontal protection


  • More flexible, thanks to the possibility to program the secondary slides independently and because the straightening can be controlled and adjusted from the console.
  • Easier, through a wide-open access for the operator and the use of the latest programming technologies FANUC 0i-TF.
  • Faster, because the independent functioning of the two front and back units will ensure for improved cycle times.

Download the technical sheet.

A NEW escomatic machine is born!


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