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ADACMIX mixes 2-K media for you in the desired ratio

Based on the successful product series of VDH-SR volumetric metering valves, ADACTECH offers 2-K metering systems for mixing and dispensing of 2K media. The system has a modular design and can be used flexibly. With the 2K dosing system ADACMIX-SR low to high viscosity 2K media can be mixed and dispensed, independent of the mixing ratio. ADACTECH offers   various sizes of the VDH-SR volume dosing unit with regard to their dosing volume, which can also be used in different combinations in ADACMIX. This has the advantage that small volumes and large volumes can be mixed with the correct system composition and dosed with high precision. 

To control the system, ADACTECH offers the ADACBOX-SR- 02 controller. The intelligent controller with microcontroller is suitable for volumetric dosing valves with servo-electric drive. In total, the control unit can be used to control two metering valves and one stirring unit. The dosing valve types and the mixing ratio allow can be programmed intuitively via the keyboard. The most important parameters, such as dosing volume and dosing cycle time are permanently set in the main menu, displayed via the color display. After programming the control, both points with different volumes, as well as stripes can be dispensed with highest accuracy and alternately. The dosing accuracy is independent of the environment. The program can store single points, lists for several points or stripes. A programmable retraction cycle at the end of the dosing cycle prevents the after-drip. Media-specific characteristics are achieved by freely programmable holding times and individual volume flows.  Up to 128 dosing programs can be stored. A data interface is integrated. Pneumatic settings can be made via the control panel and eliminate the need for the use of pressure regulating valves.

ADACTECH supplies both static and dynamic mixing systems. The static mixing cartridge has the advantage that it is suitable for practically all applications, a good price-performance ratio and it is easy to clean. The scope of delivery of the ADACMIX-SR comprises the complete system including the two VDH-SR volumetric feeders with motor, the control unit and the corresponding cables.

The VDH-SR family of volumetric dosing units with servo drive is suitable for the precision dosing of low to high viscosity media. ADACTECH offers four different types, which allow the dosing of volumetric dots and stripes from 0.5 mm³ up to 50 cm³. The dosing valves are based on a dosing chamber with infinitely variable volume, from which the medium is extracted by a servo-electrically controlled dosing piston. The piston stroke is resolved by means of a displacement measuring system. The dosing valves work precisely and with high repeat accuracy, independent of the room temperature, the temperature of the dosing medium or the supply pressure. Depending on the model and the viscosity of the medium, cycle times of 0.2 seconds per cycle are achieved.

About ADACTECH Technologies GmbH

ACTECH Technologies GmbH has many years of experience in the area of dosing technology. The core competence is the development and production of manual and high-precision dosing systems for dosing a wide variety of media. The product range includes time-pressure dosing units, volume dosing valves, jet-micro dosing units and the corresponding accessories. All devices and components are manufactured in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and meet highest industry standards. ADACTECH offers the complete product know-how and service and thus an individual consultation from the first idea up to the after-sales service.


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