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10.04.2018 Agathon AG A - Machines

Agathon LiveStatus

The latest software innovation from Agathon, Agathon LiveStatus, also gives the user room for action. This cloud-based application transfers machine status and selected production data from Agathon machines to a customer’s mobile device or computer. And what is the benefit of the transparency achieved with it? First of all, safety. Jobs can be monitored at any location. This means that the user always knows, among other things, at what stage the individual jobs are at and when, for example, consumables have to be replaced. And should an event occur during the processing of a job, the user is informed immediately via the app or via the LiveStatus website. This happens regardless of whether the user is in the meeting room next door or at the cinema. This makes the user much more flexible and allows him to handle several jobs at the same time. This means that thanks to Agathon LiveStatus, the user can produce more parts per time unit and work much more efficiently than without this option.

The LiveStatus is Agathon’s newest star in the industry 4.0 universe, available under the name SmartConnectivity. Already in 2016, Agathon launched an MES solution for grinding under the name PiServer as one of the first manufacturers of tool grinding machines. PiServer is an on-premise solution that significantly increases the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the grinding machine park. Since then PiServer has gained an excellent reputation among users. All Agathon’s industry 4.0 solutions are based on the open SmartConnectivity interface, which is based on an international standard and is available for all current Agathon machines.


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