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13.04.2018 Agathon AG A - Machines

Agathon Mini Fine Centering

The new Mini Fine Centering from Agathon makes variant injection molding significantly faster and cost-efficient. It enables a completely new tool concept in which the mold inserts can be changed quickly and easily by the machine operator. This is a decisive improvement, considering that small batch sizes and just-in-time production are characteristics of variant injection molding.

In the new tooling concept, the master unit die and the mold inserts are connected using a plug connection, with Agathon mini fine centerings serving as plug connectors. In this way, mold inserts can be centered without backlash and changed quickly without tilting. No special know-how is required for the changeover. In addition, depending on the material hardness of the mold insert, the respective centering bushings can be omitted; in this case, the centering pillar and cage are directly integrated into the mold insert.

The simplified tool concept offers numerous advantages to the user:

  1. For the production of the master unit die, the nests of the mold inserts no longer have to be precision-machined at great expense in terms of time and money. Side walls and mold inserts are only roughened  
  2. Thanks to the Agathon mini fine centerings, the mold inserts can be very easily removed from the master unit die and changed. The changeover time is thus significantly reduced  
  3. Mold inserts are positioned precisely, backlash-free and repetitively  
  4. Agathon mini fine centerings are compact. In many cases, the bushing can also be omitted, saving additional space  
  5. Agathon mini fine centerings are robust and temperature resistant up to approx. 170°C. They are standardized and available from stock  
  6. Mold inserts do not get jammed, as they can be installed with clearance. In addition, no special know-how is required to ensure fast retooling  

Visitors of the SIAMS have the opportunity to inform themselves at the Agathon booth about the Agathon mini fine centering and to get competent advice. Meeting point: Hall 1.1, Booth D12.


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