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03.05.2022 GF Machining Solutions Sales Switzerland SA A - Machines

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"Precision as a principle" is the slogan of the Wehrle Group, which consists of the parent company Wehrle and its three subsidiaries.
Three machines from GF Machining Solutions help to ensure the high level of precision in the work performed at Wehrle. rConnect has also been in use for a few years now to provide support for in-house toolmaking.

The Wehrle Group is a global specialist in forward-looking, high-tech products and system solutions for the water meter market and in the manufacturing of technical, precision-made plastic components. The Group has an annual production volume of 150 million precision parts, manufactured by a total of 75 injection molding machines. The company's end customers can be found, in particular, in the automotive industry and in the production of household appliances and electronic devices. They aim to offer their customers the best possible quality, while striving to meet their delivery deadlines. The technologies employed by GF Machining Solutions play an important role in this.

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