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15.08.2022 MOTOREX AG E - Matières premières

An interview with Hans-Hermann Hunfeld, Head of Process Optimisation at MOTOREX

Mr Hunfeld, what position do you hold within MOTOREX AG’s Industrial Lubricants segment?
As Head of Process Optimisation, I oversee various areas, such as: Developing and testing sensor technology for online cooling lubricant measurement technology. I also look after prototype construction and the transition to series production.

What was the thought process behind offering more than just water-miscible cooling lubricants and cutting fluids?
Cooling lubricants only truly come into their own when customers take care of them appropriately. This requires an understanding of important parameters such as concentration and pH value, figures which are still taken largely manually and at large intervals. Cooling lubricants have been developed for use within specific parameters. Deviations lead to reduced performance and reduced service life. Our goal is to ensure our customer's cooling lubricants maintain the condition they were developed for. To do this, we need reliable measurement and control technology.

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