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13.12.2021 Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG B - Equipements

Cobots - Collaborative robots

The market for collaborative robots is growing rapidly. A robot is not meant to replace the employee, but to support him in monotonous, tedious and repetitive work, or can even take over physically demanding work.

SMEs need new flexible and cost-effective automation solutions to keep production in the tough market. 

The focus is especially on efficient and flexible collaboration between humans and robots. Safe interaction, faster process steps and lower costs are just a few of the many benefits that UR's collaborative robots bring. As a Certified System Integrator of Universal Robots, we specialize in LEAN solutions with lightweight robots. No matter if it is about gluing, packaging or screwing of components, the robot supports your employees in every respect. We would be happy to come to your production facility for a personal consultation and show you your options.

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