06.11.2019 Spälti AG C - Automatisation



For any large sized machines-tools with little room available inside

For all those applications where a high-performance lighting is needed, with minimal space requirements 

The COMPACT ALPHA series is resulting from the skilful blend between a truly innovative, smart design and the long-standing experience of C.C.E.A.'s technical dept. in terms of lighting know-how. One of the most advanced and reliable devices currently available on the market, COMPACT ALPHA's ultra slim, 40mm diameter's profile is the same for all the different versions of this series, four different sizes in fact, with different power values of 6W; 12W; 18W and 24W. Length has also been carefully studied for these lighting to fit into the majority of the machines tools currently available on the market, thanks as well to the newly designed mounting brackets.


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