16.04.2021 FANUC Switzerland GmbH A - Machines

CRX A new era of collaborative technology

The new generation of collaborative lightweight robots from FANUC has arrived. The key features of the slim white robot CRX-10iA, with a payload of 10 kilograms, are its safety, ease of use and extremely high reliability. 

Quick to install

The CRX does not require any special surface to be installed and the controller is powered by a regular power source (200-240V).

Space saving

With only 40 kg of weight and slim design the latest collaborative robot can be quickly deployed in factories thanks to its small footprint and capabilities to be mounted anywhere (floor, upside-down and angle). With the longarm version you can even work on more confined spaces thanks to the underflip motion.

Drag & Drop programming

Using the Tablet Teach Pendant it is possible to do Drag & Drop programming. This functionality allows you to easily program an application in a matter of minutes.

Manual Guided Teaching

The CRX can easily learn from you. How? Just use the manual guided teaching function to teach the Cobot. Just lead your robot to the desired position and save it on the tablet using the drag & drop functionality.

Read more: https://crx.fanuc.eu/en/


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