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18.12.2018 ESCO S.A. A - Machines

D5 Ultra - The multitask

The escomatic D5 CNC ULTRA is a new development based on the escomatic D2 CNC.
In addition to the turning operations and based on the same principle well known by the users of the NM 64X, it is possible to machine the front and the back side of the part. On the front side drilling, tapping and threading is possible with three axially positioned spindles. After the cut-off of the part the back side can be machined simultaneously to the front side spindles and/or the turning operation by means of two axially and one laterally positioned spindles.

With a tool head speed of 12‘000 min-1 and 18‘000 min-1 for the front and back working spindles this new machine offers the turning performance of a D2 CNC with ultra-performing secondary machining operations.

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