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03.08.2018 RédaTech SA J - Entreprises de services

Destructured information for more targeted dissemination

While communications support for most products is strong during the marketing phase, once they are in the hands of the buyer follow-up is scanty.
RédaTech is setting out to remedy this by providing quality post-sales communications that meet user expectations.

Working on the assumption that a product’s technical documentation and customer service make an important contribution to building a business’ image, RédaTech director Yvon Cosandier aims to raise manufacturers’ awareness of the need to communicate effectively throughout the life cycle of a product. And in doing so, he does not hesitate to anticipate the disappearance of traditional instruction manuals in favour of a more modern concept for the dissemination of technical information. Is this change in terminology simply a way of dusting down often laborious-to-read technical manuals, or does it indeed conceal a concept that offers genuine added value? 

Download the full article published in Eurotec.


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