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20.08.2020 Tornos SA A - Machines

Don’t keep your Swiss-type lathe waiting!

Tornos now offers its customers a new type of service where our employees will come to you and work in your workshop to help you to enhance your activities in relation to machine set-up, development and optimization of machining processes. Our aim is to keep your idle times as short as possible.
Your machine is at standstill and you are too short on manpower to launch a new production batch. You have to develop a new process and you do not know the applicable machining conditions. Don’t worry!  From now on, the Tornos Process and Application team is at the service of everyone. In addition to set-up assistance, Tornos certainly provides general service for all Tornos machines.

Based on a welcome initiative of the French Tornos subsidiary and under the guidance of Patrice Armeni, head of Tornos France, this project enables every customer to directly find the optimum solution perfectly matching their specific needs – on their own premises and with their own machine inventory. Supported by Olivier Rammelaere, head of the Tornos Academy, this project strikes by its simplicity and elegance. 

Read the decomagazine article.

Don’t keep your Swiss-type lathe waiting! Book your specialist online now!


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