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18.03.2022 Bec Industrie

EDM consumables supplier

BEC INDUSTRIE, your supplier for more than 20 years of quality and high precision consumables for wire EDM, die sinking EDM, fast drilling EDM, accessories for precision mechanics, lubrication and treatment waters.

Established in Franche Comté since 1990 and recognized for the performance of its products and services, BEC Industrie is a supplier of high-quality, high-precision consumables for wire EDM, die-sinking EDM, rapid drilling EDM; water treatment, lubrication and accessories.

BEC Industrie offers high quality products, manufactured by world-renowned companies, certified to ISO standards and provides responsive service thanks to a large stock always available.

BEC Industrie relies on the performance of its employees to respond more and more precisely to the specific needs and requests of its customers. 

EDM consumables supplier


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