03.12.2020 Ifanger AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

eLine MTEE - the new MicroTurn entry line

The eLine belongs to the MicroTurn portfolio and is fully compatible with the existing holders and clamping system.
The new universal tools with a positive rake angle complete some gaps in the inner diameters and are positioned in
the middle of the MTEC or MTEN dimensions. 

A short neck makes the inserts especially stable in production and the simplified design allows affordable prices, up to 25% cheaper than the classical MTEC.

Boring bar MTEE

  • 5 sizes with Ø4 mm shank 
  • 2 sizes with Ø6 mm shank 
  • 8° rake angle 
  • Optionally available with TIALN coating 
  • Without coolant channel 
  • Only right-handed available

Other dimensions, neutral rake angle or left-handed executions are covered by the existing MTEC/MTEN program according to our catalogue 3.8. 

For dimensions or design beyond the standard program, we develop and produce tools according to your specific requirements.


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