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12.02.2020 EROWA AG C - Automatisation

EROWA Heavy Power Chuck - Large workpieces quickly positioned

EROWA Heavy Power Chuck - Large workpieces quickly positioned

You know what it's like: Positioning or resetting large and heavy workpieces on a machine table takes a lot of time. The machine tool stands idle, valuable production hours are lost. EROWA offers the solution with the innovative Heavy PowerChuck (HPC) palletizing system. Workpieces are prepared outside the machine and may quickly and safely be exchanged as equired. 

With completely new perspectives regarding the machine table size, e.g. 2x7 meters, there are no more limits. The HPC clamping modules are arranged appropriately and from now on form the basis of every workpiece change.

HPC clamping modules are quickly mounted, aligned and ready for use on the machine table. Then palletized workpieces can be positioned and clamped safely and quickly. Whether 4, 6 or 8 clamping modules, depending on the pallet size, the system may be extended modularly.

During pallet transfer, special pre-centering supports ease the handling and simplify insertion and changeover. If the pallet is lifted by crane onto the HPC clamping modules, the pre-centering spigots help to find the end position and protect the clamping modules from damage.

The pallet is securely fastened by closing the clamping modules. The high chucking force permits the maximum strains during machining. The integrated open-control visually indicates via the control box whether all HPC clamping modules are open. The pallet transfer thus remains trouble-free and safe.

All HPC components are quick and easy to clean. Depending on the application, the pneumatic connections may be covered for reliable protection against chips. Alternatively, they may be integrated directly into the table structure if required.

The advantages of EROWA HPC are obvious: While one workpiece is being machined on the machine, the operator palletizes and prepares the next job. The changeover times on the machine are reduced to the absolute minimum.


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