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12.02.2020 EROWA AG C - Automatisation

EROWA Robot Compact 80 Combined pallet and blank handling

Combined pallet and blank handling – plenty of power in a small space

The EROWA Robot Compact 80 is currently the best-selling EROWA handling unit. It boasts numerous features such as an ideal balance between a large number of magazine positions and a small footprint of just 2 m², two-machine operation, variable magazine levels for various pallet sizes, and a high level of user-friendliness. Now it also offers the ability to load blanks directly into the manufacturing machine. 

New features with no compromises: that’s the flexibility offered by the EROWA FMC manufacturing concept. Now featuring the ability to automatically load palletized and loose blanks, the “F” in flexibility just got even bigger. 

And why should blanks and pallets be used together? - It’s a question of productivity. Both single parts and full series are manufactured on a system. The series are produced in small batch sizes during the unmanned shift.  

Here, it can be a good idea to change the workpiece fixtures mounted on pallets automatically. Once the fixture is ready, only the blanks are changed, while the finished parts are removed. This keeps operating equipment costs down while enabling high utilization of the production cell.

For round and angular parts - The magazine levels with configurable positioning aids can be quickly and easily aligned and placed in defined positions for various blank sizes and shapes. Cubic and round parts are picked up by the same gripper. The variable blank gripper can be modified to match the required workpiece shape with little effort. 


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