12.02.2020 EROWA AG C - Automatisation

EROWA Robot Easy 800 - The compact loading facility for large workpieces

EROWA Robot Easy 800 - The compact loading facility for large workpieces

EROWA has extended its time-tested Robot Easy model for the productive loading and unloading of CNC machine tools by the new EROWA Robot Easy 800. The appeal of the EROWA Robot Easy 800 is its compact design, its high degree of configurability and a transfer capacity to 800kg. Thus a CNC machine tool can be turned into an automated production cell at manageable expense.

Large and heavy workpieces - Workpieces with a maximum weight of 800kg and a size of, say, ø850x1,000mm can be loaded onto the machine tool safely and reliably. Thus the Robot is optimally suitable for moving pallets of the EROWA MTS system, which are predominantly used for milling and grinding. The workpiece magazine can be configured with up to 12 magazine positions according to requirements. This is possible with EROWA MTS 400 workpiece carrier pallets (400x460mm). The maximum magazine capacity is 6.4 tonnes.  

Fast commissioning - With its compact monobloc design which requires a mere 9m² floor space, the Robot Easy 800 can be positioned by the machine according to requirements, installed and made operational in next to no time. EROWA has thus created the production cell which satisfies your exact requirements. If the latter change, functions and magazine positions can be adapted. Existing investments continue to be used.

Quick and ergonomic loading and unloading - To keep the productivity of an automated facility at a high level, it is necessary to take ergonomics into consideration. The workpieces to be machined are prepared at a central set-up station. With the slewing jib crane (option) and the EROWA LiftGear gripper (option), the palletized workpieces can be loaded into the Robot magazine safely and reliably. The practical pre-centering process facilitates pallet positioning. The magazine plates can be rotated and help make it easier to fit palletized fixtures and tombstones with workpieces directly in the Robot magazine, for example. Loading and unloading is simplified, and changing times are significantly reduced.

Long range - The stable transfer axis has a long range of 2,000mm from the Robot’s outer edge. This leaves sufficient space for manual work on the machine. The Robot can serve machine table heights between 765mm and 1,200mm.

An overview of all the data - Work becomes really agreeable if the machine and the Robot are controlled through EROWA’s JMS 4.0 process control system. The current situation of the production cells, such as the remaining work supply, magazine load, tool availability and priorities can be identified clearly and simply at all times. In addition, this results in an unequivocal statement concerning the productivity of the integrated production cell and creates the transparency required to optimize existing processes if need be. 


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