11.12.2017 HAM - Präzision Swiss, Andreas Maier AG A - Machines

EXCLUSIV FOR THE EUROPEAN MARKET News Surface treatment MMP TECHNOLOGY ® by HAM Präzision (Micro Machining Process.

The selective machining of the micro-roughness allows cutting edges and surfaces of solid carbide tools to be refined in superior precision. The cutting tools treated with this new method have a significantly better surface finish than conventional polished tools. HAM has secured the European-wide exclusive rights for the essential parts of the product portfolio.

The ability to adjust flexibly the desired roughness significantly improves the surface specific characteristics of the tools. The effect of lower friction offers optimal chip removal, reduced cutting expenditure and less heat generation on the tool and workpiece.

Additional advantages:

- The MMP TECHNOLOGY ® treatment of PVD coatings increases the cutting quality by offering less friction.

- Edges can be rounded in the µm area in a controlled way.

- MMP TECHNOLOGY ® treated tools offer a longer tool life.

- Homogeneous and reproducible surfaces can be reached by using this new method.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information: r.zryd@ham.ch


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