04.04.2018 FANUC Switzerland GmbH A - Machines

FANUC PANEL iH Pro with widescreen LCD

With the large Full-HD display, it is easy to show multiple information on the display at the same time. Operators can display a manual and the operation screen at the same time on the display, getting the information they need just then in a convenient way without switching screens. The powerful Intel Core i5 processor offers the possibility to run multiple software such as sophisticated 3D simulations simultaneously on the PANEL iH Pro. Part programs can be checked and improved easily without machining.

The new FANUC PANEL iH Pro with widescreen LCD supports both portrait and landscape orientation. Portrait makes it possible to arrange a virtual keyboard and control panel below the operation screen. Hardware keyboard and control panel can be eliminated, reducing the number of parts. The FANUC PANEL iH Pro is equipped with a precise capacitive touch screen, which provides excellent usability and allows smartphone-like intuitive operation.


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