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18.08.2022 Walter (Schweiz) AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

From silver to gold

Tiger·tec® Gold for universal use in all Walter milling tools
With the Tiger·tec® Gold grade WSP45G, Walter developed a generation of indexable inserts capable of approx. 30 percent more performance, which represents a technological leap in ISO P, M and S; in steel they even achieve up to 75 percent higher performance. After Walter had initially introduced the indexable inserts for the latest milling tools, Xtra·tec® XT, Walter BLAXX and M4000, the second phase of the launch added indexable inserts for further Walter milling cutters, such as the Xtra·tec® shoulder, helical and slotting milling cutters, as well as for high-feed and copy milling cutters. With the third phase of the launch, the PVD grade WSP45G, now complete, Tiger·tec® Gold can now be used universally: The user can now use the latest Tiger·tec® Gold grade WSP45G in all manufacturer milling cutters.

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