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10.07.2019 Walter Schweiz AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Great for larger batch sizes

Walter presents its new TC410 Advance thread former
With the TC410 Advance HSS-E thread former, Walter is rounding off its range of threading tools – and can now offer its customers more than 200 thread dimensions and tolerances. The TC410 Advance with TiN coating can be used universally for blind and through-hole threads (metric, metric fine, UNC/UNF and G), all formable materials from the ISO material groups P, M and N as well as for ISO K and S as a secondary application. In addition to the general advantages of thread formers as well as non-cutting machining (no wedging of the tool due to trapped chips consequently higher process reliability), Walter is primarily bringing economic benefits to the fore with the new tools.

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Great for larger batch sizes


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