14.12.2015 Robert Renaud SA B - Equipements

HFC080320-HSK25E electrospindle

At Robert Renaud SA, we keep a close eye on the technological needs of both the market and our customers. Our aim is to respond to these needs by offering pertinent solutions capable of meeting the challenges facing the latest machine-tools.

With this in mind, we have developed the latest product in our HFC range: the HFC080320-HSK25E electrospindle. With its minimal footprint, nominal diameter of ø80mm for a length of 320mm and power of 3kW at 75,000 rpm, this milling/drilling electrospindle is designed to meet the most exacting requirements of machining centres for small and medium dimensions.

It incorporates both proven and new technology:

  • HSK25E automatic tool holder clamping interface
  • Asynchronous or synchronous motor with liquid cooling
  • Air/oil lubrication
  • Air seal integral protection
  • Tool holder interface cleaning
  • Centre cooling device with integrated rotary joint (100 Bar)
  • Angular measuring system, encoder (sin/cos)
  • Tool holder grip verification analogue signal

Its sturdy design offers excellent axial and radial rigidity, and it can also be equipped with an expansion compensation system which allows it to interact with the machining centre in order to further increase machining precision.

We can`t wait to show you our new product, so contact us now!


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