28.08.2019 Rollomatic SA A - Machines

Insider - VirtualGrindPro 1.27 new features

VirtualGrind® Pro is the innovative core software for the Rollomatic GrindSmart® 5- and 6 axis precision tool and cutters grinders.
Designed on the basis of 20 year’s experience in grinding cutting tools by our own team of software engineers, VirtualGrind® Pro focuses on the needs of customers with specific optimization to run on the Rollomatic grinding machines.

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Picture: VirtualGrind®Pro 1.27 has new controls to optimize the visualization of machine animations/simulation, through the "Play Single" and "Play Single Backwards" functions, and makes the process of machine setup even easier. The following keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+right and Ctrl+left are used to activate them respectively. 


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