19.03.2020 SIAMS J - Entreprises de services

It has become rather complicated (impossible)to meet…

Dear exhibitors

The current situation is complicated for everyone and physical encounters are discouraged – so much the better given today’s context.

But your companies, products, solutions, and services continue to meet the needs of your customers and future customers, today and tomorrow. And they need to discover and learn about what you offer in the future, too…and now they may even have a little more time to do so.

The SIAMS information portal is a free tool at your disposal to communicate your news to the microtechnology community. Thanks to the “copy-paste” function, it is easy to use. Once again, you will find the respective instructions here in French and German.

To date, more than 3,000 news have been published on this treasure trove of information and the number of visitors steadily increases. We are currently recording more than 4,000 views per month on the site and 26,000 views per month on twitter (the news on our site are automatically relayed there). 

The next few weeks will remain difficult to deal with and the SIAMS will not take place in April as planned: Sh…!

The portal was specifically developed for you and allows you to continue to be present “on site” your customers’ and potential customers’. Do not hesitate to use it. 

Courage to all of you and see you soon online on the portal and in real life at the super SIAMS in November. 

Laurence Roy and Pierre-Yves Kohler 


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