13.02.2018 JAG Jakob SA C - Automatisation

Jag robotic solutions with mobile collaborative robots

Mobile collaborative robots automate in-house transportation and logistics quickly, cost efficiently and safely.

MiR Mobile collaborative Robot  
The MiR100 and MiR200 are cost-efficient mobile robots transporting autonomously up to 100kg respectively 200kg.  

  • Easily programmed, no prior experience needed 
  • Easy operation with smartphone, pad or PC 
  • Manoeuvres safely and efficiently around people and obstacles 
  • Requires no changes to existing facilities 
  • With built-in sensors, cameras and sophisticated software, the MiR robot can identify its surroundings and avoids safely obstacles and people. 
  • No need to alter your facility with expensive and inflexible wires or sensors 
  • Can be redeployed with various top modules for different tasks 
  • Fast and central configuration and operation of a fleet of MiR robots with the fleet management MiRFleet  

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