20.09.2021 Lasertec BV A - Machines

Laser techniques used in the watch industry

With the new laser technologies, laser cutting, laser engraving and laser welding are pushed to the limit of precision and technique. 
Thanks to the different machines used, the watch industry is constantly growing and is ranked third in Swiss exports.

Laser technologies used by Lasertec in watchmaking
Lasertec has specialized in the watch industry by opening a laser production center in Switzerland in 2012 with its subsidiary Swiss Micro Laser. The watch industry requires, in addition to high precision, a special attention to the aesthetics of the parts to be processed. Handling, scratches, color differences or other aesthetic defects are not tolerable in a watch. This is why Lasertec has a team trained in the watchmaking market and dedicated to meeting the quality criteria of Swiss watchmakers. Different laser techniques are used today in this field.

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