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24.08.2017 LNS SA

LNS @ EMO - e-CONNECT solutions

Industry 4.0: LNS Group keeps developing e-CONNECT for maximum productivity.

The LNS Group, world market leader in machine tool peripherals, reinforces its standing as a leading “Industry 4.0” innovator: Currently the Swiss experts are implementing cutting-edge e-CONNECT solutions to integrate their products, in particular barfeeders, into their customers ERP and MES systems. “This will allow LNS customers to get full transparency about their production at first glance. Workload of each machine, production cycle times and expected production completion – the user will get the full picture of the production in real time”, explains Carlos Muniz, Global Product Manager Barfeed at the LNS Group. Large and small companies can benefit from putting their production equipment under control.

A decade of innovation
The LNS Group has been pushing innovation in the field of connectivity for more than ten years. Together with major machine manufacturers, the connection between the peripheral and the machine tool was developed. “This first step allowed LNS customers to drive the peripherals more process-oriented, to save time in installation, and to save resources in production. The production schedule could be automatically adapted to optimize the remaining material consumption, for example”, says Mr. Muniz.

A second major innovation is the connection between the LNS product and the humans controlling it. Monitoring the production remotely from mobile devices saves time by knowing when the production will stop for changeover, and anticipating downtimes into the production planning. Thanks to e-mail or GSM notifications, overall production processes are more efficient. Additionally, the connection to internal or external technical support ensures downtime reduction. Carlos Muniz: “Some of our clients have hundreds of barfeeders in their production. With state-of-the-art connectivity, the production manager can monitor all of them at once. For example, he can immediately see which barfeeders will run out of bars in the next 20 minutes.” 

Integration into ERP, MES and QC
While the e-CONNECT solutions to the machine tool and to the people are essential, another major step is the upcoming integration into the customers’ ERP, MES, and Quality Control operations. “Until now, such systems and the machines are not efficiently connected, missing transparency. LNS is developing software drivers, which will gather relevant information from the peripheral, and, through a middleware, feed it to applications or systems such as ERP, MES or QC”, explains Carlos Muniz. These solutions are tailor-made for each customer software platform. “The real-time monitoring of all processes will help clients to save time and resources. So to say, more efficient and thus, throughput improvement”, emphasizes Carlos Muniz.

The whole LNS team is looking forward to introducing the e-CONNECT solutions described above at EMO 2017.
September 18-23, 2017
Messe Hannover
Hall 17, Booth D16 


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