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10.09.2018 LASEA A - Machines

LS4 - A compact precision micromachining machine

For high precision micromachining
The LS4 has been specially designed for high precision micromachining in an industrial environment.  The compact design of the LS4 enables ultrashort femtosecond lasers to be integrated. This machine is a highly functional tool thanks to its motorised and secure door, multiple options such as X/Y translation stage, a rotation stage, vacuum extraction, and a Z elevation stage.

Very precise tracks at very high speed
The scanner head (which can be a 3D head as an option) is the element of the system that converts a laser beam into an ablation tool. Extremely precise tracks can be obtained at very high speed (several metres per second with acceleration ramps of only a few microns). 

All types of files
The control software enables industrial processes to be easily created by importing vector files (.dxf), images (.bmp, .jpeg) or by drawing directly in the software.

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