15.10.2021 MOTOREX AG E - Matières premières

Machining fluid management “we’re thrilled with the customized fluid automation”

Companies that use machining fluids for metal machining are naturally on the lookout for automated, low-maintenance fluid management systems.
The combination of MOTOREX’s high-performance emulsions and innovative COOLANTLYNX solution makes automated process fluid management a reality – and redefines standards at the same time.

Founded in 1955, Rau AG manufactures complex rotating and cubic parts for its international customer base from its factory in Switzerland. The SME and its 80- strong workforce, 16 of whom are apprentices, have established a reputation as a quality contract manufacturer for a wide range of industries, including automotive, analytics and hydraulics. Rau AG has also diversified into a second focal area, systems construction, by producing assemblies, equipment and machinery. It has a clean room and electrostatically neutral facilities for these activities.

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