13.11.2019 Wandfluh AG C - Automatisation

Manually actuated poppet valve

The poppet valve of nominal size 6 can be held in the actuated position with its special hand lever mechanism. 
The direct operated poppet valve in flange construction is available in 2/2-, 3/2- and 3/4-way execution. By means of the hand lever, the poppet valve spool is opened or closed acting against the spring. Due to the poppet spool construction with pressure compensation on both sides, the flow through the valve is possible in both directions. The seat spool guide is sealed by means of an O-ring. The metallically sealing seat closes the valve practically leakage-free. Poppet valves are used where tight closing functions are essential like leakage-free load holding, clamping or gripping. The valve is available with the designation AG_06.

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