07.09.2016 MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL E - Matières premières

Motorex Spindle Line

The motor spindle is the heart of every modern machine tool. Depending on its size, it can transmit up to 180 kW of power, and it always requires the right cooling and lubrication. The pioneering Spindle Line from MOTOREX includes all operating fluids needed for spindle systems and is a valuable element in assuring process dependability.

A recent survey resulted in the following analysis of the causes of spindle malfunctions: 42% wear on spindle bearings, 33% collisions (!), 15% other and 5% each due to dirt and lubrication. While many users are aware of the key importance of the spindle system, few take full advantage of the available room for optimization, especially considering that the investment in a high-frequency spindle averages 10–15% of the cost of the entire machine. MOTOREX’s Spindle Line creates an ideal environment for reducing spindle malfunctions and enhancing process reliability.

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