01.09.2021 UTILIS AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

multidec®-LUB – Tool plates for TORNOS SwissNano 4 & 7

Tool plate with integrated coolant supply for maximum efficiency.
Developed for TORNOS SwissNano 4 & 7.

Efficiency and process reliability are what counts in today’s competition-oriented market. Swiss machine tool manufacturer TORNOS has developed machines with unique possibilities for the machining of high-precision parts with the SwissNano series. In order to ensure that customers have optimum benefits, UTILIS has developed a tool plate with an integrated coolant system which can be quickly and easily exchanged with the existing one.


  • Quick change system
  • Flow controller at the clamping shim
  • Two coolant outputs at the clamping shim
  • Coolant connections at the plate

Increase the performance of your machine and replace its tool plate today.
The investment will be worth it.



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