23.11.2021 SIAMS J - Entreprises de services

New: how to insert a video in a news


Description of how to use this function which increases the possibilities of your news.
To start, connect to www.siams.ch with your login information.

Once connected, add a new news.

As for a classic news, you can indicate the title (1), the short description (2) (which will appear on the homepage) and the text (3). This is in English, German and French. You can also publish your story in one or two languages. Attention, to prepare your publication, you can specify the publication for a date in the future (so you can control it without anyone being able to see it - see below).

Once you have written your text, place the cursor where you want to insert the video (1) and click on the video button (2).

A window will open. Paste the YouTube address of the movie and validate.

Be careful, the YouTube address to use is the URL of the video (!) and not the < embed code>.

The video appears in small in the editing window. Then go to the bottom of the page to insert an image and validate. Once the news is validated, you return to the summary page of your news.

The image attached to the previous step is the one that is displayed in the news. The small red triangle in the upper left corner indicates that the news is scheduled for publication in the future. To see what it looks like, just click on the image.

A window will open and you can see the result (for the example, a video of the ISS, thanks).

If you want to make changes, go back to the previous step and click on "edit".

We wish you a lot of videos online with this new feature.

On the way to new adventures with SIAMS ;o)


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