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New spin window SPINVISTA!

The new SPINVISTA spin windows from HEMA are suitable for all types of CNC high-speed milling and turning machines as well as machining centers. Installation can be carried out both in the OEM original equipment and without any problems in retrofitting.

Work ergonomics and process monitoring are greatly improved by the generous view of the actual machining process. SPINVISTA completely eliminates visibility obstructions caused by coolant or chips on the machine guard within its viewing area. Light weight, easy installation and modular design reduce the cost of using the vision system. Lestoprex also supplies complete solutions such as machine safety windows with the SPINIVISTA rotating window already installed. This eliminates the need for additional installation work. The systems can be pre-configured so that they only need to be installed and connected.

Two types of spin windows, two sizes of spin windows

The SPINVISTA spin window is available in two types, which differ in the size of their viewing area: SPINVISTA EVO, with an outer diameter of 253 mm and a viewing area of approximately 284 cm², is compatible with existing HEMA mounting systems. This makes it ideal for replacing already mounted systems in case of defect or upgrade. With an outer diameter of 290 mm and a viewing area of approx. 430 cm², the SPINVISTA NEO offers a larger viewing area with proven functionality. It is an excellent choice for new designs or when retrofitting or replacing machine guards.

Further information under: https://lestoprex.swiss/en/protection-systems/light-vision/spin-windows-spinvista/


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