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04.07.2019 Walter Schweiz AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Problem solver packs a punch with high material removal rates

Walter AG is using its half effective M4258 porcupine milling cutter for shoulder and slot milling to combine the benefits of a milling body with those of indexable inserts.
The modular milling cutter has a replaceable front piece. This allows the part of the tool body that typically becomes worn most quickly to be replaced, namely the front and face. These are subject to the most rapid wear because milling cutters are rarely used over their whole length and bending forces are greatest here. The positive-locking connected interfaces in the front piece ensure that precision is maintained. Good chip clearance and internal cooling ensure high process reliability and safe chip evacuation. Walter Capto™ C6 and C8 have been chosen as interfaces to the machine. These are tried and tested, especially in highly universal applications and with any kind of modular machining tool.

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