19.06.2017 ADACTECH Technologies GmbH

Product line of volumetric dispensing valves

Modular volumetric dispensing valve of high precision, especially designed for low to high viscosity products.
The valve is based on a metering chamber with an adjustable volume of 0.5 to 550 mm³, where the product is extracted by a pneumatic cylinder and applied exactly on the part. The metered volume can manually be adjusted in an easy and precise way. It is possible to realise cycle times of 0.25 sec. These dispensing valves are suitable for the automatic use and can be mounted and operated parallel  due to their compact design. They are delivered with proximity switch for the control of the metering movements and all necessary connections for the feeding of compressed air and the metering product. Further advantages: integrated “Anti-Leakage” system, easy installation, low maintenance costs. ADACTECH also offers special types, e.g. with ceramic piston or customized versions.

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT 2017 - Stand S23.


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