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24.03.2022 FANUC Switzerland GmbH C - Automatisation

Quick help in the event of machine standstill

FANUC started testing the FAR software in autumn 2020 and has since earned many positive reactions from customers. The tool, which takes the form of an app, helps FANUC service engineers to analyse machine failures remotely and safely.

"Thanks to FAR, in some cases we were able to find a solution for our customers within 20 minutes," says Rolf Urban, Business Development Manager, Customer Service, FANUC Europe. “This is because the problem is often not rooted in the hardware, but somewhere else in the system, such as in the programming.”

He continues: "FAR enables our service engineers to exchange images and videos with customers via a secure data connection, and write annotations in real time. This gives us a clear understanding of what is happening in the machine’s environment and simplifies remote troubleshooting.”

Even in cases when FANUC dispatches a service engineer to the customer's production site, FAR facilitates the planning of spare parts and tools, which can also shorten the service visit.

Currently, FANUC's service interventions across Europe average less than 26 hours. In the future, thanks to FAR, Urban estimates that it could take an average of less than 24 hours to complete the repair from the time of customer call. Meanwhile, FANUC continues to expand the capabilities of its digital service. Already, the integration of an automatic translation function facilitates remote service support across different countries. Moving forward, FANUC is exploring the addition of features such as live data visualisation, smart glasses and repair instructions via explanatory video.


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