22.09.2020 JAG Jakob SA C - Automatisation

Selective UV-C disinfection on autonomous mobile robot (AGV - AMR)

JAG has been integrating autonomous mobile robots (AGV - AMR) for several years throughout Switzerland. In 2020, we are offering a world novelty with an AMR equipped with a collaborative robot for selective disinfection by UV-C.

This intelligent and flexible system is developed by the Danish company Enabled Robotics. It enables the disinfection of precisely targeted surfaces in public places, such as door handles, computer keyboards, photocopiers, sanitary taps, seats and tables, etc.

The efficiency obtained is thus 5 times higher than that obtained when disinfecting the room with non-selective UV light (i.e. installed in a fixed position on the mobile robot). Moreover, decontamination does not require occupants to leave the room during the illumination phase, which can last for several hours with conventional systems !

This automated and selective UV disinfection solution is very useful in the fight against COVID-19 contamination, and in general against all seasonally spreading viruses. It is particularly suitable for equipping corporate and institutional offices, hospitals and clinics, care facilities, department shops, shopping malls, etc.

Finally, with appropriate programming and equipment, the robotic assembly can be configured to perform a multitude of other tasks, such as retrieving, transporting and distributing mail, internal documents, objects, medical samples, industrial production (up to 200kg) or other items.


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