31.05.2019 PROMEC Automation AG A - Machines

Semi-automated Workstation Interlinking

Design, construction and start-up of a semi-automated workstation interlink system for rotating assemblies for stretching synthetic fibres. 
The workpiece carriers are provided in three different variants for the rotors, the housings and the finished assemblies. Part of the assembly is carried out on the workpiece carrier; the housing can be swivelled on the workpiece carrier to accomplish the various assembly steps. The project also involved optimising the shop floor press, the joining station and the electrical testing station and interlinking these stations to provide optimal ergonomics and logistics within the given spatial constraints.

mk Solution
Assembly workstation with press: mk shop floor presses were integrated into an mk base frame built from Series 40 profiles, along with a hydraulic assembly, production equipment, a document tray and a testing station. An optimal workstation design was achieved. The workstation’s modular design also allows mk modules/elements to be added to the workstation quickly and easily; Hydraulic shop floor press: The shop floor press is designed for forces up to 70,000 N, with a nominal rating of 2 metric tonnes at 50 bar.

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