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01.09.2020 Tornos SA A - Machines

Specific developments from Tornos, tailor-madefor customer requirements

All the solutions we have developed tend to have one thing in common, the desire to customize the machine for the end-user.
Tornos is capable of offering machines that cover the full range from simple machines like the Swiss DT, the medium-range machines such as the Swiss GT and through to high-end machines like the EvoDECO or SwissDECO. All offer optional equip-ment offered by Tornos largely to meet the standard customer requirements, but the customer needs may be so unique that a tailored solution must be devel-oped for the customer for him to be able to optimize his production or to machine a specific workpiece.

This development capacity is backed by a team of highly motivated, creative and skilled engineers. Here, we will introduce in greater detail the mission of our engineering team in this article.

Picture: Whether you are producing a special parts outlet on the Swiss DT 26 or a centrifuge filtration system on the MultiSwiss, Tornos’ team of specialists is at your service.


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