14.11.2016 Suvema AG A - Machines

Suvema refocuses its sales program

Suvema will reveal at Prodex its new sales strategy based on a clear identification of its trades of interest.
This approach, complemented by a new website offering many search criteria by business sector, projected machining technology and choice of a brand or a model, will allow the customers and potential customers to very easily find the machine they need.

Four sectors of activity characterize the identity of Suvema : mechanical engineering, medical industry, micromechanics and watch industry as well as the sector tools and moulds. As of now, this segmentation will be reflected in the communication of the company. One of the first implementations of this strategy will be visible at the next Prodex. The 340m2 stand will be organised in four specifically designed zones, each dedicated to a sector of activity. The visitors will find in each zone various innovations intended to the sector concerned.

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